Billing and costing

Easy billing and costing management

Manage the billing and costing of all shipments in one place. Spend less time on accounting and more time growing your business.

Track all your invoices at a glance

Freightek sorts your invoices into five easy-to-follow columns: Drafts, Sent, Partial, Paid, and Overdue. In an instant, you will know where your attention is needed.

Easily add receipt records to any invoice

You can manually add receipt record of your customer's payments. The invoice will apply the receipt and auto-calculate the remaining balance due as well as the invoice status.

Keep track of all your costs

Keep track of the costs of all shipments, big and small, in one place.

All the tools you need to grow your business

Lower unit costs. Higher client loyalty. Greater profitability.

Become a Digital Forwarder with Freightek