Rates management made simple

Upload and manage thousands of rates easily from one single dashboard. Share rates with clients and agents in a few clicks.

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Sea. Air. Road. Everything in one place

No more switching back and forth between dozens of excel files to manage thousands of rates. With our powerful rates management system, you can get access to any routes, either Sea, Air or Road within seconds.

Upload thousands of rates in minutes

We made uploading rates very easy for you. Just choose your rate file in csv excel format, match the fields you want to upload and the system will take care the rest.

Manage freight, local charges and services altogether

In addition to rates, Freightek also help you manage local charges and service charges very effectively. As for rates, you can add custom markup and share them with clients and agents in a few clicks.

Share rates the way you want

Custom rates markup and sharing become super easy and flexible with Freightek. You can add custom markup to any routes, then share them with any clients and agents separately.

Get rates insight for better selling

With every rates, you can view full history, both in data table and line chart. That way, you will have a deep insight of how it changed over a period of time so you can make better sales decision.

All the tools you need to grow your business

Lower unit costs. Higher client loyalty. Greater profitability.

Automate your workflow with Freightek

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