Actionable data at your fingertips

Easy-to-understand reports help you stay on top of the most important business metrics.

Know where your profit comes from

With the Profit/Loss report, you will have a clear picture of your business's financial metrics.

  • Which mode brings in the most profit
  • Top clients by profit
  • Top account manager

Get a detailed report of all shipments

Discover top shipments by profit so you will know which ones to focus on. You can also filter shipments by client, mode, and carrier. Gain amazing business insight in just a few clicks.

Measure and track your sales team's performance

Track key performance indicators of your sales team with a CRM report. Our visual dashboard will help you track each person's sales process at a single glance.

All the tools you need to grow your business

Lower unit costs. Higher client loyalty. Greater profitability.

Save time, reduce costs, and boost sales with Freightek